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Dec 7, Marvel announced Thursday that it plans to launch a new animated series next year, focused on the young, diverse talent it has in its universe like Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl and others. Interested in Marvel? Add Marvel as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Marvel news, video, and analysis from ABC. In the short, eightminute film, animated byMats Johansson,the subjects, which include Giancarlo, his parentsand two younger siblings, the two interviewers anda translator,are animated inasimple, two dimensional style. They are drawninachildlike fashion, withbold outlines demarcating their bodiesand facial features. Animation The Animated Book of Mormon: The Conversion of Alma the Younger () Add Image · See all 3 photos». Edit Paul Nichols Ammon ( voice). Maikel Bailey Young Man (voice). Alan Nash Merchant (voice). Duane Hill Alma - the Elder (voice). Bryce Chamberlain Mosiah (voice). Daniel A. Keeler.


I WAS TERRIFIED! - Animated Story Sep 24, Every once in a while, rockers take a stab at reaching a new generation of listeners, with decidedly mixed results. The movies are a lucrative way into the tween market. Among the artists making music for recent animated films are indie rockers Ben Folds and Paul Westerberg. Dec 7, That's about to change, though, with Deadline reporting that Marvel Studios has announced a new animated franchise, titled Marvel Rising, that will focus on the company's younger heroes. Characters in the new mini-universe include Spider- Gwen (now dubbed Ghost Spider), Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl. Find The Conversion of Alma the Younger Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

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